Have you suffered for a problem before, during or after your plane travel?

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It is safe and easy
give details on what went wrong and await your compensation
You could receive a compensation up to 600€

Bag damage, missing or delayed? we'll help you claim up top 1.200€ 
(Only in case of success we will retain 25%)

Refunded in 3 step!

If you think your flight services were not up to standard, the flight was delayed, cancelled, overbooked, or you luggage
was lost, damaged or delivered in delay, all you will have to do is send us a report of the event via the FlightDelay App
and we will deal with your claim.

You report the event

Reporting the inconvenience you witnessed to us via the ritardoaereo app will take just a couple of minutes. This can be done whilst you are still at the airport! Being compensated for an inefficient service is your right.

We will deal with everything

Our staff will deal with your claim. We will contact the flight operator, produce all necessary documentation and follow all necessary procedures in order for you to receive compensation.

You'll be pleased with your refund

Once we receive your refund we will transfer it directly to your account after deducting 25% administrative fees. Our compensation is subordinate to the claim success: we will be paid only if the claim is successful.

The claims we deal with

Travelling with plane you may occur multiple problems and according to the type of inconvenience can get compensation from 250€ to 600€.

Delay over 3 hours Cancellation Overbooking Lost luggage Luggage delivery delay Damaged luggage Retrieving airport taxes Loss connection with another flight

You do not have the app?

No problem! From today you can report your problem directly from the site!

Reviews about our App

Servizio ottimo! Efficaci, efficienti e professionali! Hanno gestito il nostro caso con Volotea, accreditantoci la somma dei rimborso direttamente in c/c....
Skutecznie, szybko i sprawnie. Polecam!
Szybko i skutecznie wywalczone odszkodowanie uratowało wakacje! Profesjonalnie i miło. Polecam z całego serca!

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