Lost or damaged luggage?
Did you have a delayed or canceled flight?
Trip canceled for COVID-19 or illness?
Get up to € 1600 per passenger! 
the lowest commission in the market (25%), if your claim is accepted!
Flight delay compenstion

Give details on what went wrong and await your luggage compensation.
You can get up to 1200€

Check if you are entitled to get compensation up € 600,00 on KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and send to us all required documents.

How does it work?

Quick & Easy

Make your complaint

Make your complaint

Report your complaint using our App or directly from the website.
Please check your email for confirmation!!

If you need help, please contact us at:
+39 350 936 7733

We fight for your rights

We fight for your rights

Our staff will take care of your complaint. We will send a claim within 48 hours to Airline to obtain compensation.

Receive your compensation

Receive your compensation

We only charge a commision (25%) in the claim is successful. If  the claim is not successful then we won't charge a commission fee.

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Do you want to be paid within 96 hours if your flight is delayed?

Do you want to be paid within 96 hours if your flight is delayed?Turn your bad luck into good luck!

You can get an instant payment up to 600 euros if your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours and get € 1000 thanks to Blue Ribbon Bags, if you lose your luggage and it is not found within 96 hours!

Flight Compensation Token, our latest service with NFT technology

Flight Compensation Token, our latest service with NFT technologyOne of our missions is to create a circular economy in the Air Travelers world.

We aim to revolutionize the refund-due-to-inconvenience system and solve passengers' problems in a faster way

Partnership Affiliation Program

Partnership Affiliation ProgramTravel Agencies / Influencers / Hotels / Extra - Hotels

Are you a travel agency, a Tour Operator, or an hotel?

Work with us to provide efficient service to your customers.

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