Know Your Rights

What Are Air Passenger Rights?

Do you know your Rights?  Research shows that more than 80% of air passengers don’t know their rights.

 There are two references for air passenger rights: European legislation, Reg.
CE 261/04, and International Legislation, the Montreal Convention.

Reg. CE 261/04 applies to all flights departing from Europe and/or with European Companies.

Montreal Convention applies for all flights when REG. CE 261/04 does not apply. You can qualify for compensation if you prove that you have
suffered economic damage.

According to Reg. CE 261/04 you have the right to be compensated without having to prove economic damages, and it is the airline’s responsibility to prove an “exceptional circumstance” that caused one of the following:
Flight delays of more than 3 hours, flight cancellations, missed connections, and denied boarding.

This regulation applies to:

  • Passengers arriving or departing in an airport in the territory of an EU country subject to the provisions of the Treaty, providing the airline is an EU carrier.
    ○ Note: This regulation applies to passengers arriving from a non-EU country

If the event of a flight delayed more than 3 hours, cancellation or denied boarding, passengers affected have the right to compensation totalling:

  • €250 for all flights of 1,500 kilometres or less;
  • €400 for all intra-EU flights of more than 1,500 kilometres, and for all other flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres;
  • €600 for all other flights.

The amount of Compensation is not dependent on the late hours, but on the route!

Be aware that in case of non-delivery of baggage/damage, you have to make a report at the airport (PIR), and in case you have to buy basic necessities,  you have to keep receipts in order to be compensated.
Montreal Convention: Article 22 - Limits of liability in relation to delay,
baggage, and cargo:

  1. n the case of damage caused by delay as specified in Article 19 in the carriage of persons, the liability of the carrier for each passenger is
    limited to 4,150 Special Drawing Rights (around € 5.400).
    2. In the carriage of baggage, the carrier’s liability in the case of destruction, loss, damage, or delay is limited to 1,000 Special Drawing
    Rights for each passenger (around € 1.250).

Your right to compensation under Reg. CE 261/04 does eventually expire, but the time limit varies from one country to the next. Usually, you have 2 years to claim.

You can read the European Regulation EC 261/04 by clicking here.

Questions and Answers

  • Am I entitled to get compensation even if the ticket was purchased by a third party (employer, friends, etc.)?

    YES! The right to be compensated is personal and does not depend on who bought the ticket. 

  • Am I also entitled to get compensation for low cost flights?

    YES! Even if your flight cost 10,00 € you can get compensation up to 600 €.

  • Even though I received assistance from airline, am i still to € 600?entitled to get compensation of up

    YES! The company has to offer assistance as outlined in art. 9 of REG. CE 261/04.

  • What can I buy if I don’t get my luggage?

    You can purchase necessities that were in your baggage. Remember that we only have 21 days to make a complaint to the airline.

  • If my luggage is damaged, what should I do?

    Before leaving the airport, go to the Lost&Found and make a complaint. We recommend that you specify the economic value of your baggage. We only have 7 days to make an official complaint to the airline.

  • If i cannot travel for health reasons, can i ask refund to the airline? What should I do?

    Notify the airline of the impossibility to travel before the departure. We will request refund of the price paid.

  • The airline changed the time/day of the flight. What can i do?

    You may claim compensation if you have been notified less than 15 days in advance. If they informed you more than 15 days in advance, you can just accept new flights or ask refund.

  • Iif i cannot travel for health reasons, can i ask for a refund from the airline? What should i do?

    Notify the airline of the impossibility to travel before the departure. We will request a refund of the price paid.

  • If i decide not to travel for personal reasons, what am i entitled to?

    You are entitled to a tax refund.

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